In Progress #3

Currently on the drawing boards a nice mix of health, commercial retail, commercial office and new residential


We use computers for all documentation and 3d modelling but sometimes a simple sketch is enough to communicate our concepts.

Merry Christmas

Buon natale

Feliz navidad

Joyeux noel

Feliz natal

Froh liche weihnachten

Merry christmas!

Call me old fashioned but…

The newly installed bus stop in Kirra has lost all the benefits of the old one; it now no longer keeps you dry, cool in summer, and has no nice horizontal slot windows to catch the arrival of buses. The old fashioned stop has been replaced by a metal one that has hardly any shelter, all for the sake of advertising.

In progress # 1

Sandbox is a renovation project – six units absolute beachfront in Tugun. We have done some Architectural massaging to the existing building along with the interiors, furniture and artwork selection and branding. Fingers crossed open for Xmas.

Tweed modern

In amongst the tumbleweeds and burnt out cars at the back of Tweed Heads, there are some really great, gutsy buildings.

Small house # 2

We have just received the DA on this house at Salt village in Kingscliff. It is designed to accommodate a retired couple and has a separate wing for when extended families come to stay. All living areas are grouped around an internal north facing courtyard – all this under 230sq metres! We hope the simple form and roof line will be a visual relief to all the crazy roof lines of the other chook houses in the neighborhood.

Small house # 1

There is a great Latin saying, “PARVA SED APTA MIHI SED NULLI OBNOXIA, SED NON SORDIDA. PARTA MEO SOD TAMEN AERE DOMUS,” which I think translates to, “Small is my humble roof, but well designed, to suit the temper of the masters mind. Hurtful to none, it boasts a decent pride that my poor purse the modest cost supplied.” We have done some preliminary sketches for a project for a small family in the beautiful Tallebudgera valley. Just up the road someone is selling (has to sell) Bellagio La Villa, a 2547 sq m 10 bedroom mansion! Our office has always been interested in producing well designed, sustainable projects that are appropriate to the site,  are economical, and hopefully contribute in some way to a happy family life.