Small house # 1

There is a great Latin saying, “PARVA SED APTA MIHI SED NULLI OBNOXIA, SED NON SORDIDA. PARTA MEO SOD TAMEN AERE DOMUS,” which I think translates to, “Small is my humble roof, but well designed, to suit the temper of the masters mind. Hurtful to none, it boasts a decent pride that my poor purse the modest cost supplied.” We have done some preliminary sketches for a project for a small family in the beautiful Tallebudgera valley. Just up the road someone is selling (has to sell) Bellagio La Villa, a 2547 sq m 10 bedroom mansion! Our office has always been interested in producing well designed, sustainable projects that are appropriate to the site,  are economical, and hopefully contribute in some way to a happy family life.

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